I met Date#1 for a number of reasons. Firstly, I was madly in love with someone else.

I cant really speak for other online daters male or female, but it makes sense. I wasn’t lonely, or not able to meet anyone – I met plenty of people at work, through friends or just out of the blue on a night out. I was working at a large company in a medium city centre and….getting rejected, despite getting so far, felt mighty painful. She was beautiful and funny and smart and all the rest of the things you’re supposed to like about someone. And somehow, I got myself involved. We had sex a couple of times, drunken after a night out. We even had sex in a pub toilet which I almost exclusively refuse to do. But I tried, and I wanted to, because I liked her. Social cirCumstances and various other things meant it couldn’t happen. Coupled with the fact she was happy to get off with other people in front of me despite knowing how I felt about her. So a female friend, who I had actually had non internet dates with previously led me to Plenty of Fish. I literally signed up my profile, there and then, and took my profile picture in the toilet of said pub. It may already seem like the most important things happen in my life in pub toilets. Don’t be fooled, it’s a total coincidence.


Pictured: Where the magic happens.